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You shouldn’t have to pay for products that are not only lower quality but also products that your business doesn’t need. Family Meats simplifies the meat production process, providing transparent service and high-quality wholesale products.

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Sharing Our Industry Knowledge

Family Meats is able to assist you through the complete process, “from gate to plate”. We can supply you with guidance on area-specific markets, product development and wholesale orders. Our industry knowledge simplifies the meat processing and purchasing processes, making it easier for your company. We want you to have as much knowledge regarding your order which is why we are completely transparent about our whole process. 

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Quality Meat Comes from a Transparent Process


1. Contact us

Our team takes the time to get to know your business needs when it comes to bulk meat production and what you hope to accomplish to provide you with the best products.


2. Price List

We send a specific price list based on your area. We don’t send information that is irrelevant to you. We want to make the process a  s simple as possible.   


3. Quality Products

Family Meats provides you with quality wholesale products quickly so you can benefit from the longer shelf life of the meat in your stores.

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