Our Fully Equipped and Certified Facility


Family Meats’ 21,000 square foot processing plant has an on-site kill floor and an abattoir room that is able to hold over 100 beef carcasses or 300 pork carcasses. Our facility also has a smokehouse which can make everything from sausages to cured products. And we even have a retail area if you need to pick up some burgers or steaks for dinner.

Having our slaughter facility at the same location as production makes processing easier and quicker. However, there is a clear separation between the two facilities to maintain cleanliness, as well as the safety of those working on each side.

We have a high standard of product control for slaughter and processing. Our facility is the largest privately-owned Government inspected meat processing plant in Alberta. We have our HACCP/GMP certification. Family Meats is also the only provincially inspected plant with Halal certification. Our facility can also provide you with products that are also organic and humane handling certified. 

Our vision is to remain the largest provincially inspected wholesale producer in the Alberta beef and pork industries. We look to grow and maintain relationships with our sellers and buyers to provide excellent products that nourish our families and yours. We focus on the highest standards of health, safety and service throughout our whole process.

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