Our Process

An Easier and More Transparent Process

More and more people want to know where their food comes from. At Family Meats we pride ourselves on our transparent process. 



We also want to make the whole meat production process as easy for you. When you first contact Family Meats our team takes the time to get to know your business and its needs when it comes to meat production. We provide you with industry knowledge and information on cuts and order sizes - all based on you. We don’t provide you with additional information that isn’t applicable. Family Meats can also help you develop products.



All the livestock that Family Meats processes are locally raised in Alberta. We also work with livestock producers that supply organically raised animals. Family Meats is an organic certified meat producer. We also hold Halal and humane handling certifications.



At Family Meats we are committed to providing quality meat products through a reliable and transparent process. We are the only processing company in Alberta that is Halal and HACCP/GMP certified. This all means we have strict controls in place for slaughter and processing.

Our state of the art facility is equipped with an abattoir and processing plant. This makes the process not only easier for us but there are also benefits for you. We can complete your orders quickly and efficiently so you can benefit from longer shelf lives. 

Animals are dropped off right at our facility for quick and humane processing. The animals are first stunned and then slaughtered to ensure that there is minimal adrenaline produced from stress. This means that the meat produced will not be tough or bruised. Our abattoir room is able to hold over 100 carcasses. 

We have team members who are experienced butchers to break down the animals to your exact order. Our butchering process is quick and efficient to make sure your order is correct and delivered to you on time.



After your order has been cut we package the meat. We can also package the meat with your branding so it is ready for sale as soon as you receive your order. We deliver a final product that can be displayed on your shelves and ready for your customers to purchase right away. 


Customer Service

Throughout our whole process, we strive to provide you with the best customer service. Whether you require help determining what cuts your order needs or something is wrong when you receive your order we strive to make it right. So if there is an issue with your product or even a delivery problem our team makes sure it is resolved. 

Family Meats is open and transparent about our company and processes, so if you would like a tour of our facility we can arrange it for you. As well, if you have any questions regarding our process please feel free to contact us at Family Meats.

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